TES 593 RF Meter Instructions: How to Measure Radio Frequency Fields Using the TES 593 Meter

SPECIAL UPDATE: The TES 593 is an older style RF meter that we no longer recommend, for several reasons.
Helpful instructions for using the TES 593 Radio Frequency Test Meter, by Michael R. Neuert, an EMF Test Engineer with over 23 years experience. Click the time links below to go directly to any chapter...
Part 1: Turning on your meter, low battery icon, what you can measure 0:15​
Part 2: How to set up your meter, the easiest settings for beginners 3:33​
Part 3: Units of measure, which unit should you choose? 5:38​
Part 4: Taking a measurement, using the data form 7:43​
Part 5: How to use the MAX function 11:34​
Part 6: How to do a measurement sweep of a room 14:29​
Part 7: How to get more sensitive measurements 17:49​
Part 8: Tips and tricks for better accuracy 21:32​
Part 9: How to find and determine the sources of the RF fields 28:47​
Part 10: What level is safe, what do the numbers mean? 34:51​

The TES 593 Meter is probably the best RF test meter available for use by the average person to measure radio frequency radiation, such as the RF from cell towers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, smart meters, wireless computers and routers, etc. Here are easy instructions to help you.

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