Michael’s Review of the “Safe and Sound Pro” RF Test Meter

Detailed review of the "Safe and Sound Pro II" RF Test Meter, by Michael Neuert, an EMF expert and engineer who has been testing EMFs and test meters since 1992.
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#1. Good Frequency Range: Detects Signals from 200 MHz to 8 GHz - 1:09​
#2. The 5G Frequencies - 3:29​
#3. Three Types of Measurements: PEAK, MAX and AVG- 6:20​
#4. Good Detection of Modern Digital Pulsed RF Signals - 9:23​
#5. Wide Sensitivity to Both High and Low Strength Signals - 10:14​
#6. Audio Modulation Feature (Helps You Determine the Type of RF Source) - 12:08​
#7. Single-Axis Antenna (You Must Twist the Meter in Various Directions to Find the Strongest RF Field) - 14:26​
#8. Other Features - 16:17​
#9. Summary - 17:33​
Conclusion: "This is one of my favorite meters for measuring radio frequency (RF) fields."

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