How to Use the Acoustimeter: to Measure Radio Frequency Fields

Complete video instructions for the Acoustimeter AM-10 RF Meter, by Michael Neuert, an engineer who has been testing EMFs since 1992. Click links below to go to chapters...
Part 1. Simple instructions for beginners 0:16​
Part 2. How to take a PEAK measurement 2:46​
Part 3. How to take a MAX PEAK measurement 4:20​
Part 4. How to use the special AUDIO function 6:50​
Part 5. Tips for better accuracy, using a data form 11:36​
Part 6. Quick summary: How to use the Acoustimeter 17:42​
Part 7. How to find and determine the sources of the RF fields 22:38​
Part 8. When to use AVERAGE vs PEAK measurements 28:53​
Part 9. What kinds of EMFs are detected? How to convert units of measure 33:46​
Part 10. What level is safe? What do the numbers mean? 41:01​

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