How to Use a Body Volt Meter: To Measure Electric Fields

Helpful video instruction by Michael Neuert, an engineer with over 23 years experience testing electromagnetic fields. To go directly to any chapter, click the time links below ...
Part 1: Why use a body volt meter, what is body voltage? 0:12​
Part 2: How to set up the test meter and take a measurement 2:36​
Part 3: Where to take measurements and how to use a data form 7:39​
Part 4: How to check that the meter is working properly 11:40​
Part 5: How to find and determine the sources of the electric fields 16:58​
Part 6: Common ways to reduce the electric fields 21:02​
Part 7: What if there is no nearby accessible soil for the ground rod? 26:19​
Part 8: What level is safe, what do the numbers mean? 28:27​

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