How to Measure the EMFs from Your Computer

Computers can be a strong source of electromagnetic fields. Michael Neuert, an EMF engineer with over 23 years experience, shows you how to measure your computer (click links below to go to parts)...
Part 1: Three kinds of EMFs: Test for all three types 0:12​
Part 2: How to use a data form 2:09​
Part 3: How to measure the “magnetic fields” (with a gaussmeter) 4:11​
Part 4: How to measure the “electric fields” (with a body volt meter) 7:12​
Part 5: How to measure the “radio frequency” (RF) fields 12:44​
Part 6: How to use your measurements to determine the specific sources 18:33​
Part 7: What level is safe, what do the numbers mean? 27:09​

Is your cell phone, WIFI, computer REALLY safe?Find Out...