Alpha UHS Gaussmeter Instructions: How to Measure Magnetic Fields Using the Alpha UHS Meter

Helpful instructions for the Alpha UHS Meter, by Michael R. Neuert, an EMF Test Engineer with over 23 years experience. Click the time links below to go directly to any chapter....
Part 1: Turning on your meter, low battery warning, what you can measure 0:15​
Part 2: How to take a measurement, tips for better accuracy 2:46​
Part 3: Where to take the measurements, how to use a data form 3:26​
Part 4: How to calculate the “average” level for an entire home 7:31​
Part 5: How to find and determine the sources of the magnetic fields 9:50​
Part 6: Limits of accuracy and sensitivity from your gaussmeter 14:35​
Part 7: Separating out the ELF from the VLF magnetic fields 16:08​
Part 8: 3-axis vs 1-axis measurements, for professionals only 17:58​
Part 9: What level is safe, what do the numbers mean? 19:17​

In my opinion, the Alpha UHS is the lowest cost gaussmeter available with enough accuracy to be trusted, that also has the following two important features: (1) it is a 3-axis meter and thus can detect the total magnetic field in all directions, and (2) it can measure the ELF magnetic fields emitted from power lines, transformers, electrical wiring, electrical panels and everything that runs on regular electricity, as well the the VLF magnetic fields from computers, TVs, fluorescent lights and LED lights. Here are easy instructions to help you measure the fields accurately, and also help you determine what the particular EMF sources actually are.

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